As humans living in a noisy, distracting, and tempting world we often lose track of what matters most.


We seldom take the time to celebrate the gift of life because life is hard and many times we get dealt a tough hand or thrown a curveball. Our responsibility as humans is to take care of ourselves and grow as well as help others do the same.

The problem is that without our health being at its optimum level we are unable to grow no less help those around us become their best possible selves.

This is where we come in.

This organization was built on creating Harmony and Balance in not only the Bodies but the Minds of our clients.
As you may or may not know both are fully connected and they both need balance in order for a person to live harmoniously.

At Digest MD we dont just offer supplements. We offer the opportunity to be part of a community of like minded individuals who like you are looking for answers on how to maximize your well being on all levels.

They say you are what you eat and this couldnt be closer to the truth. We are in a silent war with the environment every second of everyday. Its not enough to just eat healthy and exercise regularly.

You need to protect yourself and be able to neutralize all contaminants that sneak their way into your reality via foods, drinks, surroundings and even the air you are breathing at this very moment.

When you choose to be a part of the Digest MD family you are not just purchasing a product... you are making a decision to always be 3 steps ahead of the challenges this world throws at you everyday.

We have formulated some of the most remarkable products ever created and will stop at nothing to offer you only the best of the very best. We sincerely care about people and the human race as whole and that manifests clearly in the love and expertise we put into everything we do here at Digest MD.

We invite you to grow and become the best possible version of yourself.

After all, every seed, every creature, and everything living thing shares one goal in common:


Nina Koduru, MD

About Dr. Nina Koduru

Dr. Nina Koduru is an Internal Medicine Doctor at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and has been practicing medicine for nearly a decade.

Dr. Koduru studied Internal Medicine at USC Medical Center in Los Angeles and Nuclear Medicine at the Weill Cornell Medical College in New York. Dr. Koduru also holds certifications from the American Board of Internal Medicine and Is licensed by both the New York State Medical Board and the Medical board of California.

As Head of Nutrition at Digest MD, Dr. Koduru uses groundbreaking research, cutting edge formulas and proprietary digestive solutions to restore your body to its peak level of performance.