Dr. Nina Koduru

Dr. Koduru is an Internal Medicine Doctor at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and has been practicing medicine for nearly a decade. Dr. Koduru uses groundbreaking research and provides cutting-edge solutions that restore your body to its peak level of performance.


Dr. Nina Koduru will reveal what is inside so called “healthy” foods that are wreaking havoc inside our digestive systems.
The truth about fad diets and why they won’t work for most people.
How the big food companies are labeling their foods to increase their profit, while everyone’s health suffers
The digestive disorder epidemic that is affecting 60 to 70 million Americans today.

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Elite Biotics has been amazing. Since I’ve been taking them I haven’t had any colds that I usually get from working in Healthcare. My gut is functioning so much better and I feel like my body is much more in balance!

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Elite Biotics

I’m on my second month of using Elite Biotics and I have to say how pleased I am with how I’m feeling. I have superior energy and a complete positive upbeat attitude now. I noticed this change in myself since I started taking it. I also am not craving anything sweet like I used to. No more reaching for the cookies, chocolate and cake. I haven’t lost any weight because I am exercising everyday, so I’m told muscle weighs more than fat. With all this being said, I sure hope I’ll be able to continue using this product for the many years to come! Highly recommend it.

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I love this probiotic. 20 strains! You can’t beat that with a stick. EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET ON THIS PILL AND TAKE IT EVERYDAY BEFORE THEY EAT BREAKFAST! It keeps your GI tract in peace.

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I watched a video on of the Elite Biotic and it made sense of why I felt so lousy. I ordered it and tried it. It was life changing. I did not feel bloated after eating, I did not crave sugars like soda and sweets. I generally felt better. I even had my husband watch the video and start taking it as well. We are both very happy with the product and can tell the difference when we do not take it. It has become part of our regular routine.

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